Looking for these jerseys! NOT

LEFT>>>2000/2001 3rd Kit. RIGHT>>>2000/2001 Away Kit. I am currently looking for these 2 jerseys (short sleeves and without printings). If you own them and want to sell them, feel free to contact me via the chatbox on the right or ahliam84@yahoo.com.sg . Preferbly to be located in Singapore.


1982/1983 Home Jersey

My oldest jersey to date.... wasn't born yet, but i found out that this kit was worn during the FA Cup final replay in 1983 against Brighton... we won 4-0..

Budget Jersey Framing + Engraving (update)

added this engraved plate i got from ebay.
1. Reslig Frame (70x100cm) from IKEA $29
2. Foam Board from Art Frens $6
3. Engraved plate $13
Total : $48

2008/2009 3rd kit Euro. (LATEST!!!)

Commemorative shirt to celebrate 40th year anniversary since the winning their first European Cup.

2008/2009 Away Jersey (NEW LATEST!)

very nice jersey. the club crest looked particularly sharp. this white coincides with cristiano ronaldo's comments in 2008 sayin he would love to wear a white jersey>>obviously referring to real madrid's.

How to spot an authentic/real nike manchester united jersey??

As in the pictures, recent manchester united jerseys since nike took over as kit manufacturer have this "SECURITY LABEL" (black) inside or outside the jersey. on these tags there are 2 features which i doubt pirates would ever copy. the 2nd pic is from the 2008/2009 away jersey located at the bottom on the face of the jersey.
1. certain numbers and alphabets are made of a shinier silver thread which can be seen obviously from certain angle, different from the rest of the letterings.
2. there is also this interweaving stripe on the tags which on closer observation reads "NIKE SECURITY, followd by a nike tick"

Budget Jersey Framing

1. Reslig Frame (70x100cm) from IKEA $29
2. Foam Board from Art Frens $6

Basically the jersey is suspended and pressed in between the transparent acrylic sheet, foam board, and the backing board (3layers) in the frame. didnt dare to sew the jersey onto the foam board thus the slight crumpling. decided to try diy as it actually doesnt make much sense to go to a professional framer and pay sth more than the jersey itself haha.

2007/2008 Champions League Final Embroidery

We won We won!!!! Double 2007/2008.. Wonderful season. Special jersey for the Champions league final on 21 May 08 in Moscow vs Chelsea. Purchased from megastore for the first time (order was cocked up as they didnt give me the champions league starball badge).