Budget Jersey Framing

1. Reslig Frame (70x100cm) from IKEA $29
2. Foam Board from Art Frens $6

Basically the jersey is suspended and pressed in between the transparent acrylic sheet, foam board, and the backing board (3layers) in the frame. didnt dare to sew the jersey onto the foam board thus the slight crumpling. decided to try diy as it actually doesnt make much sense to go to a professional framer and pay sth more than the jersey itself haha.


RogerS said...

hi!my name is Roger and i'm from
Brasil.We love soccer too.My team
is INTERNACIONAL of Porto Alegre
city,land of Ronaldinho Gaucho, he
is in Milan now.In 1996 we play
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we were(sorry my english...so bad)
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ahliam84 said...

u could leave links in the chat box on the top right =)

esp. said...

Although I'm not too keen on Manchester United, you've got a quality collection there, mate. Having 3rd kits and old away kits is quite an accomplishment. There is this store in London that sells real old sport memorabilia, and I saw quite a few Man United pieces there. The name escapes me, but perhaps you already know the store I'm talking about.

ahliam84 said...

i m in the midst of uploading everything =) from singapore so i definitely dont know. btw feel free to share this blog with other united fans

Unknown said...

I would have liked this post had

Jersey Framing